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There’s a new chapter of Dekpa and Deborah online to-day. This is the 21st chapter and the end of Book I. The comic is now grown to a total of 178 pages since I started it in 2015, pretty slow work compared to Venia’s Travels, for which I produced over 500 pages in two years, but in the years I’ve been doing Dekpa and Deborah I’ve graduated college and held a few jobs, all distractions I didn’t have for my previous comics. In addition, I’ve done a lot more research for Dekpa and Deborah and I’m working on bristol board instead of sketchbook paper now so it’s no surprise it’s slower going, even when I do have time. I’ll be doing more research for Book II and hopefully by the time it comes out I’ll have a nice stockpile of chapters so I can update regularly. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy reading back over Book I, feel free to look for any clues as to what may lie ahead. I know I will.

To-day I also read the new Sirenia Digest which features a lovely new short little piece by Caitlin R. Kiernan about murder and a body of water sinister for more reasons than for being a dumping ground for a corpse. It’s another dialogue piece in which tension is built with wonderful, dreamlike description that may or may not have something to do with the Loch Ness Monster.


Twitter Sonnet #1273

A verdant book demands a dryer eye.
As pages crack for time again to turn.
Behind the stack we hear a shaky sigh.
Another word and something new was learned.
Observers check to see consistent squares.
A tally mark obscures the counted claw.
The cats establish base for fishy wares.
The truth of flannel mice became the law.
Discomfort chose the flaky chair for fame.
A thousand shreds of phony skin abide.
Synthetic snow submits another name.
An arm and leg as limbs at length collide.
In quarter years the clocks divide a pool.
In tests a timid toe decides the rule.

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